Getting Cover: How an adviser can save you time and money on protection policies

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Having the right insurance policies to protect your loved ones in case the worse happens, is something we advise all our clients to put in place.  Over the years we have seen many clients benefit from having everything covered when they needed it the most. From losing a job and having the cover to pay the mortgage and bills, to leaving loved ones without the burden of finances to take care of.  It’s a difficult subject, but getting it sorted means you can put your mind at rest.

Many think that buying an insurance policy is as simple as jumping onto a comparison website and seeing which insurer can provide the cheapest policy. But there are some pitfalls to be aware of.

#1. Too much choice. With so much choice, arranging cover online can often be overwhelming when you don’t know the differences between the options.  Not all policies are created equal and insurers vary in terms of their provision as well as their customer service.  It’s best to know as much as possible about the insurer and the different types of cover they offer, to make sure you’re making the best choice.

#2. Focusing on price.  Many people turn to comparison sites to look for the cheapest insurance and are unaware of the consequences of getting the wrong type of cover. If you just focus on price, you may end up with a policy that is unsuitable for your needs.

#3. One size doesn’t fit all.  The search and filter criteria used by comparison sites is automated, which means they will usually just offer fairly generic polices which are unlikely to be fit for purpose or suitable for your needs.

Save time and money

Unlike comparison sites, a protection adviser is able to provide guidance on the products that best suit your needs and discuss the options available within your budget. There are often factors which clients haven’t taken into consideration and an adviser will help you to:

#1. Understand your options better. Insurers won’t always offer you every type of cover when you go directly to them. Advisers can help point out the types of cover available from the insurers and help you to work out what you need.

#2. Obtain the correct cover.  An adviser will ask you about your personal circumstances to find you the right policy. We will also be able to make sure your insurance policies don’t overlap, and we will often get you a good deal as we have established relationships with many of the leading providers.

#3. Specialist advice based on your needs. You might not find cover you need on a comparison site, such as finding a critical illness policy if you have a specific medical condition.

Everyone is medically underwritten for insurance. This is where having an adviser is useful, as we can guide you on the best provider for you given your disclosures.  We will help you complete the necessary forms and ensure the application process is as smooth as possible.

#4. Support through the claims process. If you need to make a claim, your adviser can support you through the process to make sure you get what you need as quickly as possible.  This extra support at a difficult time can make a world of difference.

How to get the advice you need

It’s important to consider getting professional advice when considering protection for your family and loved ones. We’ll take time to discuss your needs and then research the policies that are available to you based on your health, circumstances and budget. Of course, you can do this on your own, but the support of an adviser is likely to save you a lot of time and money.  Most importantly we’ll ensure you have the right cover for your needs.

We’ll also make the process as smooth as possible and ensure all your documentation is safe in one place, which is one less thing to worry about should you or your loved ones ever need to make a claim.

Andy Penny

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“I've been a client of Sands for 20 years, and they've always encouraged me to keep up to date with my insurance policies.  Quite a few changes have taken place over the past few years in terms of both my family and job situation, so I knew it was probably time to review the cover I had in place.

After doing some initial research, I soon became a bit overwhelmed with all the options. I also hadn’t realised how much premiums increase after you hit the big 40!

A quick call to the team at Sands and I was soon in a much better position. Talking about how things would be if the worst were to happen is never an easy conversation to have. Andy was great at listening and chatting through the different options. He made the whole process really straightforward and within a few days the new policies were up and running and I’d saved some money in the process.  He also referred me to Safe & Secure who arranged my outdated home insurance policy in just 20 minutes. Having it all sorted is a huge weight off my mind. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andy and the team at Sands.” KdS February 2021